I'm Jess, and I've been
making meaningful
customer experiences
for over twenty years.

I offer customer-centric
solutions across four key
areas of Experience Design


The study of numerical data alongside customers attitudes, habits, tasks and motivations so we can find patterns and make predictions.

Information Architecture

The organising, restructuring, and sorting of content, navigation, and architecture of the overall product, service or experience.

Interface Design

The building of interfaces across all customer touch-points or interactions, with a focus on usability and style.

Art Direction

The overall artistic direction of the product, service, or experience, including brand, visuals, and tone.

Previous work experience

I'm a design specialist with
additional skills in both
research & architecture

Previous work experience

Design specialist with
additional skills in user
research & architecture

2021 -Now

Plan D

CX Design & Consultancy
Research :: UX & UI Design :: Visual Design


CX Design & Consultancy
Research :: UX & UI Design :: Visual Design

Massive Media

CX Design & Consultancy
Information Architecture :: UX & UI Design :: Web Design

White label

CX Design & Consultancy
Research, Design & Consultancy for various white label clients



Senior UX Designer
Research :: UX & UI Design :: Visual Design

2017 - 2020


Senior UX Designer
Information Architecture :: UX & UI Design :: Visual Design



Senior Art Director
Art Direction :: UI Design :: Creative Direction :: Branding



Senior Art Director
Art Direction :: UI Design :: Visual Design



Senior Designer
Ad Media :: UI Design :: Visual Design

2010 - 2015


Design Lead
Creative Direction :: Ad Design & Build :: Website Design :: Mentoring :: Scheduling

Interactive Designer
Ad Media :: Web Design :: UI Design :: Flash Dev

2006 - 2009


Website Design :: Branding


Fifth Dimension

Junior Designer
Digital Design :: UI Design

1999 - 2004


Designer & Developer
Website Design :: Flash Dev :: Branding

What clients
are saying


“Extremely knowledgeable and professional, she constantly brought forward creative ideas to really help us elevate projects and was the lynchpin between the design team and tech team. The client was extremely impressed with her professionalism and level of detail.“

Adam Sanders

Massive Media


“Jessica focuses on the proper level of detail and abstraction in her work and puts the user experience front and centre, encouraging other stakeholders to do the same.“

Alvis Matlija

Head of Product · Priceloop AI


“Jessica's work creates order. Her intelligence and experience in the digital design process saves so much time, and brings in value on so many levels. She has created work for me that has helped me win several awards.“

Christopher Hogg

Royal Holloway University of London


“It's important for her to understand the background, and this quality is clearly noticeable in her work. With her experience, she is a super asset that moves any team forward.“

Anja Pieper

Team Lead · Europa-Park


“She brings a design and service that exceeds the expectations of all project stakeholders. Her honesty, attention to detail, and overall professionalism make it really easy and comfortable to work with her.“

Helge Looft

CX Director · Endava

Just a few of
the clients I've
worked with

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