Interface Design

What does an Interface Designer do?

Interface Designers make attractive,
simple to navigate, predictable, clear,
& comfortable interfaces.

A good UI design should be invisible, with users quickly finding what they need while also achieving their goals with ease. To do this, we follow the key principles of UI design, also known as the four C’s; consistency, comfortability, control, and cognitive load.

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How do you design usable interfaces?

These ten usability heuristics
also play a key role in designing
a strong user interface.

An illustration of a palm, but with the Ten usability heuristics replacing the palmistry chart names
Visibility of System Status

Keeping users informed about what’s what, via the appropriate feedback.

System vs Real World

Speaking the users language, as opposed to technical and internal jargon.

User Control & Freedom

Giving users a way out of an unwanted action, with an emergency exit.

Consistency & Standards

Following platform conventions so words, situations and actions are where they expect.

Error Prevention

Preventing errors from happening in the first place, as opposed to designing strong error alerts.

Recognition over Recall

Minimising users cognitive load by providing the information, and not forcing them to remember

Flexibility & Efficiency of Use

Hiding and providing shortcuts depending on users level of experience.

Aesthetic & Minimalist Design

Removing irrelevant information and content.

Errors: Recognise, Diagnose, & Recovery

Indicating the problem within an error with precision, and void of error codes.

Help & Documentation

Providing documentation in situations where it is needed for users to complete their tasks.

I'd love to see some work!

Find examples of my Interface
Design work over on my sister
website, Clowder9.

I designed Clowder9 back in 2020 as a way to showcase my Web Design, Art Direction, and UI design skills. The site has two unique themes; minimal, and retro. Let me know what your favourite theme is.

Logo and brand of my portfolio website, Clowder9.
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