What does a Researcher do?

Researchers reveal user insights,
validate ideas, uncover new ones,
expose potential issues, inform
design decisions...and more!

We use research and testing to improve and design experiences, ensuring that your customers move through the experience and achieve their goals quickly, comfortably, and with confidence.

Used in the right way, research can be an incredibly powerful tool, helping to inform design decisions by validating ideas, revealing user insights, exposing potential issues, and encouraging innovation.

An etched detailed black and white illustration of a cloaked alchemist hard at work at his desk, pen in hand, creating research documentation. Mysterious bottles and research equipment surrounds him.
What is this mystical research you speak of?

The analysis of both numerical
data alongside human behaviour
is crucial to the success of
your product or business.

An etched detailed black and white illustration of tiny users standing on a large stack of books.
Data + people = business success. Regular sized humans also acceptable.

Both research methods are complementary and serve different purposes.

Quantitative (quant) research is all about numbers, and answers the question “How many, and how much?” We use it to test hypotheses, identify patterns, and make predictions, with data coming from web analytics, big data, session replay, server logs, and so on. 

Qualitative (qual) research is more descriptive and answers the “Why?” We use it to measure behaviour, attitudes, and feelings, with insights coming from methods such as interviews, observations, and thinking aloud.

Research methods are carefully handpicked depending on project goals and objectives.

Know any good jokes?

A Researcher walks in to a bar and says “I’m gunna need more than a bar chart to figure this mess out.”

Yeah, and this is why my comedy career failed. But on a more serious note, if you'd like to learn more about how I can help your business, get in touch today!

An etched detailed black and white illustration of a crystal ball, filled with a mysterious scene of mountains, pine trees, and a large full moon.
Researchers don’t need a crystal ball to see in to the future. The study of human behaviour and numerical data works so much better.
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