Art Direction

What does an Art Director do?

Art Directors oversee, manage, &
communicate the overall artistic
vision with visuals & concepts.

In Experience Design, an Art Director is responsible for the overall look and feel of a product, guiding the visual aesthetics, style, and language, while ensuring an engaging and attractive user experience.

Outside of Experience Design, we make final decisions on which artistic elements to use in movies, books, magazines, video games, ad campaigns, fashion, packaging, and more.

Etched illustration of a smiling artist sitting with a pen in her hand and an open sketchbook, surrounded by flowers while butterflies flap all around her.
What skills does an Art Director have?

We’re also logo designers, brand
book creators, mood board makers,
and copywriters.

Art Directors have many skills, which are often juggled depending upon the project:

Web Design

Creativity & Problem Solving

Visual Communication




People skills


Got any work I can see?

You can find examples of my
Art Direction & Visual Design
work on my sister website

I designed Clowder9 back in 2020 as a way to showcase my web design, Art Direction, and UI design skills. The site has two unique themes; minimal, and retro. Let me know what your favourite theme is.

Logo and brand of my portfolio website, Clowder9.
Please tell me a terrible joke...

How many art directors
does it take to change
a light bulb?

Wait, should it really be a light bulb?



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